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Erica Goodman
Erica Goodman: Fishing
As a Floridian, born and raised, sun and water come with the territory. Growing up with grandparents living on a lake, I was always digging for worms in the flower beds just to bait a hook and catch small bass and bluegills off the dock. My Dad nurtured my tomboy interests by taking me into skinny brackish waters to catch red fish, trout, drum, gig for grouper and skim for shrimp. I look forward to yearly trips for bugs, reef diving and Duvall Street as well as a laid back day to bob for buckets of scallops. Fishing and outdoor life merged with modeling about 5 years ago, when I was December’s Lady Angler in the Florida Sportsman’s Calendar and then on the cover of Boating Magazine in 2016. Our 2 months of “cold” weather is a nice change and all, but I’m always ready when a heat wave brings me to the coast to stay salty!
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