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Captain Don Dingman
Captain Don Dingman: Fishing

I’m a Florida native of Jacksonville, Florida, who grew up living the Salt Life. My life has always revolved around the ocean. I grew up fishing, surfing, and diving and have been a charter captain for years, spending most of my life on the water. As host of the television show Hook the Future, I am blessed to be able to share the Salt Life experience with the next generation on a daily basis. On Hook the Future we take fishing all over the world and let them experience world class fishing at its finest while instilling the values of being good stewards of our environment.

We started the Hook the Future Foundation, helping kids through fishing, in 2009. Our goals are to help kids battling terminal illness to have an opportunity to go out on the water with their family and take a break from their daily fight, to supply rods, reels and tackle to kids so they can have the tools they need to succeed in the sport of fishing, and to build schools in Guatemala delivering hope to so many children who could certainly use it.

Living the Salt Life…sharing the Salt Life…. that’s what I do.

Favorite Product: My favorite products are the new short line. They are strong, flexible, performance driven and comfortable. From the shipwreck board shorts in the line up to vital fishing shorts on the boat the new Salt Life short line rocks!

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