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Captain Dane Karcher
Captain Dane Karcher: Fishing/Diving

Captain Dane Karcher, free dive expert, born and raised Native Floridian, grew up in and on the water of the Gulf Beaches; surfing, fishing and diving. He first learned how to boat and fish at a very young age on McKay’s Creek, gigging mullet for his Dad’s smoker. His love for the Salt life began! His Dad built an Aquatic Retreat for the family in Key West where he speared and netted fish, selling the catch to the local markets and restaurants. 

Capt Dane has perfected his Deep Sea fishing skills by fishing the waters of Florida, Hawaii, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and Bahamas as well as many other parts of the world. 

He is a highly respected professional athlete in the world of Free Dive Sport Fishing. He has won and placed in the top of many tournaments not to mention being featured on several television shows, magazines and newspaper articles

People who know him think he's certifiable. Anyone who can hold their breath for what seems like forever, diving depths any normal person should only attempt with a tank, has got to be crazy! He often dives in 35’ to 75’ of water spear fishing, holding his breath for 45 to 1:45 seconds. A tournament sometimes requires Free Diving in 120’ of water holding his breath up to 3 minutes. He hunts large prey with his weapon of choice, a Riffe Spear gun, aiming for a text book head shot. God forbid he has to wrestle a monster fish while Free Diving to such extreme depths dodging Sharks or Barracudas. Dane recalls, “I get sucked into the hunt and forget I still have to swim all the way back to the top!” This is a sport that requires stamina, concentration, guts and a little bit of crazy! 

Capt Dane Karcher has built up his own Charter Fishing business to be #1 in the Tampa Bay area operating out of Johns Pass Madeira Beach Florida. He enjoys living the Salt Life every day teaching others about fishing and ocean conservation. He actively participates with organizations like Gulf Voice addressing concerns pertaining to Off Shore Drilling and its effects on the ocean environment. Another interest, Fisherman Lost at Sea which recognizes our fisherman who have died doing what they love. 

When he's not wearing one of his own T-shirts promoting his Charter business, he's head to toe in Salt life gear sporting a Salt Life sunglasses strap, Trucker Hat, Amphibian Board Shorts, with his "favorite" a Salt Life wallet tucked in the pocket. The Salt Life name makes sense because it encompasses his life style and everything he's about as a waterman. 

Capt Dane is currently working on several projects expanding the industry, his Charter Fishing Business and The Captain Dane Karcher Brand catapulting himself to the next level. He is a force to be reckoned with, born destined for greatness in and out of the water.

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