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Bri Andrassy

Fishing, SUP

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Bri Andrassy
Bri Andrassy: Fishing, SUP
If she’s not standing on a paddleboard, she’s holding a fishing pole; but usually she’s doing both at the same time. Bri Andrassy caught her first keeper at the age of three on a kid’s Mickey Mouse rod and has been hooked ever since. She started paddling to spearfish the South Florida reefs and SUP camp in primitive locations. She later combined her love for paddling with her love for fishing and became an avid SUP angler. Bri first started SUP fishing by building her own setup on a regular stand up paddleboard, and was soon discovered by BIC SUP one day as she was preparing to paddle out. She was selected to be one of the hosts of the TV paddle series Facing Waves that airs on Fox Sports and the Nautical channel. She is finishing her doctorate at a Florida University where she also teaches undergraduate students. Some people are born with a desire for adventure and others discover it. Bri was born with it and is now helping others to discover it.

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