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Amanda Gilbert
Amanda Gilbert: Fishing Diving
Amanda was born in Indiana; raised on freshwater fishing from her backyard lake. At the age of 12, her father was offered a job opportunity in Florida. She naturally transitioned from bass fishing to tuna fishing in no time. Since then, Amanda has grown as a saltwater angler, scuba diver, free diver, spear fisherman, and huntress. Living life to the fullest seems to be her biggest goal, and Amanda’s career choice was perfect for that. She is a certified Physician Assistant (PA) in the ER. Providing health care to our friends, family, and community members while bringing health, hope, and faith into their lives. This career supports her outdoor addiction financially with a flexible schedule. She has embarked on numerous outdoor adventures, and is a contributing writer for several outdoor publications. She looks forward to sharing her Salt Life addiction with others and hopes to influence our community in a positive and healthy manner.

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